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Breakout session: Smart and sustainable communities in practice – 4 rural municipalities share their experiences and learnings

DOGA has commissioned Norconsult to map out best practice projects related to smart and sustainable local development in order to contribute to knowledge and experience exchange among Norwegian municipalities and regions. 16 projects were selected out of 70 proposals, and in this session projects from Gudbrandsdalen and Midt-Telemark will be presented. In addition, the municipalities of Krødsherad and Utsira will share their results and lessons from taking part in an innovation competition led by Design and Architecture Norway, Nordic Edge and Innovation Norway – and we launch a new innovation program and competition particularly aimed at rural municipalities, in order to contribute to smart and sustainable local development.


This session is in Norwegian.

13.00 – 13.10  Welcome and introduction to GNIST – the new innovation programme for smart and sustainable local communities

Malin Kock Hansen, DOGA and Bjarne Uldal, Nordic Edge

13.10 – 13.30 Innovative local development in rural municipalities part 2 – learnings from the innovation programme Smart and sustainable local communities

Public-private collaboration for a smart and green valley. Ida Amble Ruge, Skåppå

How to inspire people to cycle, walk and use public transport in rural areas? Kristin Karlbom Dahle, Midt-Telemark municipality

13.30 – 13.50  Introduction to the innovation programme Smart and sustainable local communities

Local development based on natural advantages and premises. Rune Solevåg, Utsira municipality

Smart and green mobility solutions for visitors and locals in the Norefjell area. Ellen Anne Bye, Krødsherad municipality

13.50 – 13.55  Q&A

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Malin is a Senior Advisor for Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA). She works with innovative urban and local development, and how interaction between people and technology can contribute to smarter and more sustainable cities and places. Malin holds a Master’s Degree in political communication from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Bjarne Uldal
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Bjarne Uldal is a brand & business innovator who, over the last 25 years, has been involved in more than 30 start-ups, both as an investor, business developer and brand consultant.  Marrying a deep knowledge of branding with a hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, Bjarne has earned a reputation as a creative, commercially oriented person, who’s always on the lookout for points of differentiation that can be accentuated by compelling storytelling.

Bjarne is one of the co-founders of Nordic Edge, the official Norwegian innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities, and the organizer of the Nordic Edge Expo – the largest annual conference and exhibition in the Nordics on Smart City trends, methodology, new innovation and technology.

In his capacity of being the Chief Innovation Officer at Nordic Edge, Bjarne is responsible for establishing innovation partnerships with companies, organizations and academic institutions around Europe, in China and in the US. Bjarne has also been the main facilitator of the process leading up to the launch of the national Smart Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities last year. Furthermore Bjarne acts as a facilitator and advisor to a number of cities and municipalities who are determined to build smarter and more sustainable communities.

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Ida Amble Ruge is an economist, who works as a consultant in Skåppå AS. Through Skåppå, Ida works with sustainable innovation, towards both businesses and municipalities in Gudbrandsdalen. She works on R&D projects, consulting directly to companies, and projects that aims to increase the degree of innovation in Gudbrandsdalen.

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Kristin Karlbom Dahle is a Municipal Planner for Midt-Telemark Municipality, Norway. She was involved in establishing the Bygdepakke Bø project in 2015, and has since had a central role in the project. Since the municipal merger with Sauherad, this project has been expanded to Bygdepakke Midt-Telemark. Kristin has a Masters in Nature Management (cand.agric) from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and has previously worked at the Environmental Protection department of Telemark County.

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Rune Solevåg studied Business Administration and has been working for Norway’s smallest municipality, Utsira Municipality, since 1992. In addition to his position of Finacne Manager, Rune has worked on other projects, and is currently Project Manager for the innovation competition Utsira – a living lab under the auspices and collaboration with DOGA, Innovation Norway and Nordic Edge. He has various interests, experiences and knowledge from life on the island that aim to provide energy for the world, inhabitants and tourists: Utsira.

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Ellen Anne Bye is a Project Manager for Krødsherad Municipality and has a Bachelor from Eik Lærerhøyskole. She has further education in relation to Nature- and culture based tourism and she has a Certification in International Sustainable Tourism.  She has been a manager for different municipalities and on regional level. She has experience as a board member in agricultural related companies and organizations.

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