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Making Tech Work for People Across the Globe

The world is a very different place now, but due to the wonders of technology, we can connect virtually as digital connections have rapidly become the new normal for us all.

Miguel Gamiño Jr., Executive Vice President of Global Cities at Mastercard will discuss what fresh challenges and opportunities cities are facing and how we can collectively come together to make a real difference – accelerating positive impact for cities and communities across the globe.

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Miguel Gamiño is Executive Vice President, Global Cities – Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard. In his role, Miguel leads Mastercard’s global activities with cities and the City Possible platform, forming public-private partnerships that drive civic efficiency, inclusivity, equality and ultimately better quality of life.

Prior to joining Mastercard, Miguel served as the Chief Technology Officer of New York City, leading the Mayor’s Office of The CTO. Miguel pioneered a new civic engagement and innovation platform for NYC and stood as a voice of leadership in tech policy — ensuring that technology helped NYC become the Fairest Big City in America, strengthening the City of 8.6M residents. He also served as an organizer of cities around the world to work together to improve people’s lives in urban centers everywhere.

Miguel’s leadership in New York translated to a broad and complex portfolio of public infrastructure, digital and visionary initiatives; including broadband for all New Yorkers, smart city and IoT programs, a comprehensive digital strategy that improved government service and NYCx – the world’s first-of-its-kind program to transform the relationship between government and disruptors of industry – to Make Tech Work for All People.

Prior to his role in New York, Miguel was the CIO for the City and County of San Francisco and the CIIO for the City of El Paso. Miguel founded the Council of Global City CIOs.

Prior to life in the public sector, Miguel was an entrepreneur, developing some of the earliest cloud-based services and launching two companies based in El Paso, TX and Silicon Valley, CA operating nationwide.   


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