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Panel Discussion: EIP-SCC on a Mission

The Smart Cities Marketplace team is organising a 2 hours (including Q/A from the audience) panel discussion on the challenges to create 100 climate neutral cities by 2030 and the role the smart city investment community plays in achieving this.

The backdrop to this highly engaging panel session is the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities’ ambitious plan to create 100 climate neutral smart cities by 2030 by and for its citizens and its key instrument to achieving mission success through a climate city contract.

Speakers from the European Commission, the investment community, the Mission Board and from the SCC-1 Smart City projects will discuss the following topics:

  • How can we combine public funding/private investment as an accelerator for achieving the mission and how would this play out in a Scandinavian context?
  • How can a Climate City Contract act as a risk mitigator for private investors?
  • How can we set up an architecture for bundling investments across Climate-Neutral Cities which is aligned with EU competition rules?
  • Recently, the mission board has proposed a concept of a Climate City Lending & Blending Facility, what is the role of private finance and how could/should this play a role in blended finance solutions for smart cities?
  • What are drivers for green investment and the role of the EU taxonomy for sustainable finance for private investors?
  • How is the portfolio of European Smart City projects contributing to achieving climate-neutrality in 100 cities – examples of good practice?

Moderator: Eelco Kruizinga, matchmaking specialist Smart Cities Marketplace


  • Introduction to discussion panel (moderator)
  • Round of introductory presentations by panellists
    • Overview of the Smart Cities Marketplace within the wider EC landscape and plans
    • The Mission on climate neutral and smart cities and the role of the private sector
    • The taxonomy on sustainable finance as a means to de-risk investment in climate neutral and smart cities
    • The role and expectations of private investors in achieving city ambitions
    • The case of the City of Stockholm and its climate contract planning process
    • The case of the City of Espoo and its work on becoming a smart city
  • Panel discussion
  • Q/A from audience
  • Conclusion and close
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Eelco is one of the two matchmaking specialists of the EIP-SCC Marketplace team. He cares about making people connect and to deliver an infrastructure that provides up-to-date information to smart city stakeholders and allows them to build solid, impact-rich projects: he has the helm of the Marketplace’s web platform. Eelco works for DNV GL, an independent expert in risk management and quality assurance. Driven by DNV GL’s purpose, to safeguard life, property and the environment, Eelco is the deputy director of its knowledge management practice, working on issues related to knowledge risk, improving knowledge sharing and roadmapping activities for a variety of sectors and organisation types. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence, graduating in 1990 at the University of Amsterdam.

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Leading Work Programme Smart Cities and Communities. Civil engineer with PhD in “Mathematical/Physical modelling of environmental systems”.

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Elina Wanne (M. Sc. Tech) works currently at City of Espoo as Development Manager for sustainable development. Her main responsibility in Espoo is  H2020 Lighthouse project SPARCS, leading the Lighthouse City Espoo consortium work. Her interest in sustainable development was ignited at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), where her studies in materials science and recycling technology has led to versatile career in research, construction, community engagement, growth and change facilitation. Her main interest in sustainability is a holistic view on development of cities and communities. To solve wicked challenges of our time e.g. climate change she sees solutions in new technological innovations with strong human-centric approach.

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Emmanuel Forest is Bouygues group Executive Vice-President. He is heading Bouygues Group representation to EU institutions for all Group’s branches (construction, real estate, telecommunications and audio-visual), and is Chief Executive Officer of Bouygues Europe SA in Brussels.

He is also President of the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) and Chairman of the Board of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA).

He is member of the Mission Board for climate-neutral and smart cities.

Emmanuel Forest is a graduate of both École Polytechnique (1978) and ENA (1981). He started his career in the French Ministry of Education and then became advisor to the Secretary of State in charge of universities. He then joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1986 as advisor to the cultural, scientific and co-operation counsellor.

In 1989, Emmanuel Forest joined the Bouygues group as Corporate Secretary of Bouygues Bâtiment International and of Bouygues Telecom in 1994, after the operator was awarded its licence. He was subsequently appointed Executive Vice-President in 1998 and Deputy CEO & Deputy Chairman of Bouygues Telecom in 2007.

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Steve has over 30 years’ experience at the intersection of sustainable energy and finance. He founded EnergyPro in 2012 to advise corporates, investors and government on financing energy productivity.  EnergyPro has executed more than £60m of investment into the UK on behalf of its JV with EESL, the Indian government’s super ESCo. He has been an NED for private and public companies and sits on the Investment Committee of the London Energy Efficiency Fund. He has published extensively on energy and sustainable finance, including three books and a blog:, and has received awards from the Energy Institute, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy and the India Business Group.

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Lisa Enarsson, holds a B.A. on Environment and Health from the University of Umeå, 1996.

Employed by the City of Stockholm at the Environment and health administration. Currently managing the project Mainstreaming Sustainability aiming at upscaling smart and sustainable solutions resulting from pilot projects. Part of the working group planning for Stockholm to sign a climate city contract and become a climate neutral city by 2030.

Project Manager of the GrowSmarter a project co-funded by the European Commission’s Smart City and Community program. In the three Lighthouse cities Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona 12 smart solutions have been implemented demonstrating energy efficient renovation, renewable energy, sustainable transportation and waste handling with digitalization as a tool. 

Project manager of Sustainable Järva – a project on energy efficient refurbishment of buildings from the 1960-70:ies. Participating in the development of the Stockholm Royal Seaport – a sustainable urban development district. Former officer of environmental planning, responsible for the Environmental programme for new buildings, adaptation measures and a representative in the working group for climate and vulnerability in Stockholm. Former Agenda 21 co-ordinator in the City district, Kungsholmen.

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Pete is an Investment Director at Amber Infrastructure a leading infrastructure fund manager. In his role at Amber Infrastructure he is a Director of The Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund (“MEEF”) and a Key Executive of The London Energy Efficiency Fund (“LEEF”). These funds, backed with ERDF capital, focus on investment in energy efficiency, decentralised energy, small scale renewables and low carbon urban transportation projects in London. He is also part of Amber Infrastructure’s team that looks at investment into the wider sustainability sector in the UK and Europe. Prior to joining Amber in 2012 he was an Associate Director at RBS in their structured & project finance team. While at RBS he was a founder member of the RBS UK Corporate Green Board.  Pete is a member of the UK Government’s Heat Networks Market Framework Stakeholder Group and a Board Member of LAUNCH 2020 an EU funded project which aims to accelerate deal closure and pipeline growth for sustainable energy assets. Pete has a degree in history from Durham University and is a Chartered Accountant of Scotland.

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