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Thoughtful tech – how can we make the human perspective a component in smart city technology?

For technology to be smart, it needs to be thoughtful. How do we ensure that the real needs of citizens are a driving factor in tech solutions when developing smart cities? AI will play a vital role in thoughtful tech and this means exploring fields where applied AI can have a significant impact in society. How can it be used to add value within areas such as education or forestry? And how do we build a base of expertise where knowledge exchange and collaboration can push the envelope of what’s possible and accelerate innovation?

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CEO of Get AI – a Swedish center of excellence. Global speaker and facilitator. Senior advisor and CEO whisperer. Business angel, with +40 investments. Head of Internet emeritus, city of Helsingborg. An Internet professional since 1993, and still curious.

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Petra Dalunde is Node manager for the Greater Stockholm Region in AI Sweden. Before that she last came from Kista Science City AB where she, in her role as COO, built up and led the co-creation platform Urban ICT Arena. She has a professional background as a political advisor in Stockholm City Hall, Head of Communications at Stockholm City Development Administration and investigator / project manager at Stockholm Business Region.

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