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Workshop: Smart City and The Dilemma of Autonomous Vehicles – Is remote driving the solution?

Technological, social, and economic forces are changing the notion of mobility as culture is exerting strong pressure on demand for a “shared,” “reliable” and “on-demand” economy. In an era of the next mobility revolution, autonomous vehicles (AV) still fail to overcome edge cases that can stop an AV in their tracks. Remote driving has, however, emerged as a practical and promising solution to help AV in edge cases, such as AVs passing through bad weather or near a construction site. Furthermore, Mr. Ali Gohar will elaborate on the state of the art of AVs and remote driving and why remote driving seems a possible feasible solution in the long run!

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Doctoral research fellow with the department of electrical engineering and computer Science at the University of Stavanger (UiS). With a background in telecommunication engineering and in computer science, he is currently working on approaches to apply artificial intelligence for the orchestration and control of the 5G networks, and data resources with different objectives within the smart city applications, such as energy efficiency, Quality of Service (QoS), economical cost reduction, and dependability. He is also a member of Smart City Research Network and ComNet at UiS.

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