Nordic Edge Asia opens market possibilities for Nordic companies in China.

Nordic Edge Asia is an international two-way smart city knowledge exchange between two distinct societies – China and the Nordics. The week-long event connects decision-makers from the Nordics and China through a mutually beneficial conference, site visits and networking events. It gives Nordic municipalities an opportunity:

  • to showcase smart and sustainable solutions and initiatives to a new market
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of innovative Smart City planning and solutions on a large scale through talks and site visits
  • Initiate collaborations with Chinese counterparts, including participation in Urban Living Labs
  • Find partners in the Chinese market assisted by a joint event

Likewise, the event gives Chinese stakeholders the opportunity to:

  • Access to Nordic Smart City initiatives, past and present, without travelling to Scandinavia and facing possible language barriers
  • A platform for authorities and companies to present to a Nordic audience
  • Networking with high level representatives from both the public and private sector

A collaboration project

Nordic Edge Asia is a collaboration project hosted together with NTNU, VTT, Demos Helsinki, Business Sweden, NordicFlexHouse, Clean Cluster, Innovation Norway and The World Green Design Organisation, with support from Nordic Innovation.

The first event was hosted in April 2019. The 2020 event is temporarily postponed due to COVID-19.