Studio Copenhagen

Theme: The Smart and Healthy City

When: 23 September, 2020

Time: 10:00-16:30

How do Nordic cities cope with the new normal after COVID-19? The BLOXHUB stage in Copenhagen will explore how the health crisis will impact our efforts to build smart, resilient cities: What are the perspectives and trends for our urban development? Can we empower our citizens through digitization? What can the latest research on health in buildings tell us?  And finally, how do we best activate public-private partnerships to develop the healthy city solutions we need?

Host: Maja Yhde

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16:15 – 16:30

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Maja Yhde is Senior Project Manager at Gate 21 – Smart Cities and Communities and Head of The Academy for Smart Communities (TASC).

Maja has broad experience in leading Smart City projects at the intersection of the private, public and knowledge sector. Through her work with improving municipal Smart City competencies, she has gained valuable insights into both the challenges and possibilities within the field. Working passionately with design and innovation processes and development, Maja brings stakeholders together, facilitates partnerships and creates a foundation for Smart City efforts at a strategic as well as practical level.