Joining forces to create better, more sustainable cities and communities for people to live and work



Norway’s official innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities drives societal change and business development across sectors and borders.

A hub for year-round activities, the Smart City Innovation Cluster has academic institutions, start-ups, international corporations and public sector players on its member list. This cross-sector collaboration drives innovation, business development and societal improvements. Working in concert, the cluster connects municipalities with the vendor side, and vice-versa.

Our ecosystem

The Nordic Edge ecosystem is fundamental to all our activities on a local, nation and international level. Aimed at strengthening our cluster member’s access to facilities, partners and the international market, the ecosystem hosts the necessary tools to accelerate growth.

Together with our cluster members and associated partners Nordic Edge initiates projects, facilitates pilots, run research studies, hosts the secretariat for the Norwegian network of 14 Smart Cities, is the organiser of Nordic Edge Expo, the leading Smart City conference and exhibition in the Nordics and was central in developing and implementing the national Norwegian Road Map on smarter, more sustainable cities and communities.

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. The cluster’s four focus areas transcend directly into activities across the Nordic Edge organisation:

  • Active Citizenship & KnowHow
  • On the Move
  • Urban Energy
  • Places & Spaces

The Steering Committee

The cluster has a steering committee consisting of representatives from established companies, SME’s, Academic institutions, the public sector and business districts. This combination has been chosen to achieve the best representation of the various stakeholders in the cluster.

Leader: Vidar Aksland, SR-Bank


  • Eirik Gundegjerde, Lyse
  • Jostein Karlsheim, Smedvig
  • Shahzad Rana, Microsoft
  • Caspar Mariero Klees, Easee
  • Bo Johannesen, Boost ai
  • Randi Augenstein, Helen & Hard
  • Troels Jacobsen, University of Stavanger
  • Gunnar Crawford, City of Stavanger
  • Stein Racin, Forus Næringspark