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Gründerhub Prize 2020

Six start-ups are competing for the top prize in the Gründerhub final.

Gründerhub is one of SpareBank 1 SR-Banks’ initiatives to support entrepreneurs with especially innovative and sustainable technology. It is a four month program based on Disciplined Entrepreneurship created at MIT by professor Bill Aulet. The programme is a systematic and rigorous 24 step to build new innovation-based venture.

The program has been established in the Norwegian cities of Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand.

Since the autumn of 2015, 275 entrepreneurs have participated in the program. During this time, the companies that have participated in Gründerhub have created 400 new jobs through 240 companies.

In 2019, these companies’ combines earnings were around NOK 215 million.

Each year, a total of NOK 700,000 in prizes is awarded to the participating companies by Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank.

All the 6 finalists for the Gründerhub prize have all been awarded NOK 50.000 during 2020.

The finalists are:

  • Indicon AS
  • Goscore AS
  • Hylestad Solutions AS
  • Seaber AS
  • Tegnhuset AS
  • Kaizen Solutions AS


12:30 -12:35 Welcome

12:35- 13:30 Pitches and questions from the jury

13:30-13:40 Performance by Marthe Aarseth & Morten Røsbak

13:40 Winner of Gründerhub prize 2020 will be announced


  • Thor Christian Haugland, Director of communication and sustainability Sparebank1 SR-Bank
  • Ellen Instefjord, Gift & Communication Manager Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank
  • Bjørn Anders Dahle, CEO/ Managing Director Mento AS
  • Ragnhild Espeland, Department manager, Innovation Norway, Rogaland


  • Camilla Parker Rege, Key Account Manager Corporate Banking Sparebank 1 SR-Bank

Musical Performance:

  • Marthe Aarseth & Morten Røsbak

In co-operation with:

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