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Infrastructure meets a new normal

Eirik Gundegjerde is Director of Mobility in the Norwegian energy, telecom and infrastructure company Lyse. He will reflect on how trends escalated by COVID-19 have increased demand for a strong digital infrastructure. How has the pandemic left its mark on our use of cloud-based applications, and what kind of implications does this have for the infrastructure? The combination of more automation and increased need of real-time data transmission also require new capabilities from  infrastructure. How do we cope with these shifts to a new normal?

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Eirik Gundegjerde has held several senior positions in the Lyse Group. Today he is Director for Strategic Projects, with responsibility for, among other things, the 5G and mobility project and collaboration with the University of Stavanger. Gundegjerde has a bachelor’s degree from Rogaland District College (now UiS), and a further education in computer science from the same place. Gundegjerde holds board positions in Nordic Edge, Valide Invest, NHO Rogaland and Sandnes Ulf.

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