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Reinventing Education Hackathon: Welcome

Kick off session with guest speakers from UiS and Microsoft

Join us as we kick off the Hackathon: Reinventing Education hosted by Nordic Edge Innoasis and Microsoft.

This session is for everyone with a passion for making a difference in society and education. You do not need to be a participant in the hackathon to join this session.

With Covid-19 the need to change how we provide learning has never been greater. There is an urgent need to innovate and the timing is now. We see a huge potential for innovations to help teachers and schools provide the most value to their students.

Together we will explore how we can enhance the learning experience, motivate bored students, and improve self-education. Even if it is time spent on administrative tasks, or on following up with parents, it is crucial time spent away from the ones who should get the teachers attention. There is a demand for solutions to help teachers save time where it is possible, so that they can spend it on what truly matters: the students and their learning.


  • Welcome to the Hackathon: Reinventing Education
    Karl Fjelde Nevland, Nordic Edge Innoasis & Silje Gulbrandsen, Microsoft
  • Why the time is now for reinventing the way we learn?
    Helleik Line Syse, Project  Coordinator Future Energy hub, University of Stavanger and Shahzad Rana, National Technology Officer Microsoft and Jury member
  • Know before we start
    Daniel Horgmo, Microsoft

Note: This session is hosted as a Microsoft Teams meeting. Microsoft Teams delivers a rich, interactive experience that works best with the Teams app. We recommend downloading the app if you don’t have it, as not all browsers are supported. When you join this event, your name, email and/or phone number may be viewable by other session participants in the attendee list. By joining this event, you’re agreeing to this experience.

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