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Resilient and sustainable city is about doing together

City of Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and one of the most sustainable cities in Europe for many years is a row according to European Capital of Innovation competition. What has made Espoo so successful in sustainability matters, how the holistic view on development of city and its communities is shown in practice, and how the chosen leadership model supports the transmission towards carbon neutrality?

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Elina Wanne (M. Sc. Tech) works currently at City of Espoo as Development Manager for sustainable development. Her main responsibility in Espoo is  H2020 Lighthouse project SPARCS, leading the Lighthouse City Espoo consortium work. Her interest in sustainable development was ignited at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), where her studies in materials science and recycling technology has led to versatile career in research, construction, community engagement, growth and change facilitation. Her main interest in sustainability is a holistic view on development of cities and communities. To solve wicked challenges of our time e.g. climate change she sees solutions in new technological innovations with strong human-centric approach.

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