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Sustainability for a better future – Ålesund Future Lab and Microsoft

Ålesund Future Lab – U4SSC ip is United for Smart an Sustainable Cities’ arena for cooperation and  action-oriented projects. The goal for the lab and partners, is to help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is unique and innovative in the way lab and partners work methodically to create av sustainable future.

Ålesund Future Lab – U4SSC ip has partnerships with actors from private businesses, academia and public sector. The lab is driven and initiated by the municipality of Ålesund.

In this session you will learn more about the lab, partners and current projects.

The scientific consensus is clear. The world confronts an urgent carbon problem. The carbon in our atmosphere has created a blanket of gas that traps heat and is changing the world’s climate. Already, the planet’s temperature has risen by 1 degree centigrade. If we don’t curb emissions, and temperatures continue to climb, science tells us that the results will be catastrophic. At the same time, we have to work on global challenges such as responsible consumption and production, quality education, and decent work and economic growth. 

Microsoft will be carbon negative by 2030. Ålesund Future Lab, a part of United Nation’s programme, is working towards reaching United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 through partnerships. 


  • Kristine Oda Walderhaug Sæther, Koorinator Ålesund Framtidslab
  • Alina Selezneva, Account Executive Public Sector at Microsoft

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