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Workshop: Innovating for sustainable cities in Japan – entrepreneurship and technology

This session will reflect upon economic, technological and social development in Japan through digital transformation and the realisation of “Society 5.0”.

Economies and societies change in tune with technological developments, and as technology is developing faster, so has the rate of change increased. The central reports Society 5.0 – Co-creating the Future and Digital Transformation – Opening Up the Future through Co-creation of Values recognise this dynamic, but also underline the opportunities this change brings about.

Moderators: Inga M. W. Nyhamar, Norwegian Ambassador to Japan and Per Arve Frøyen, Director of Innovation Norway Japan


17:30-19:00 Japan time

(10:30-12:00) Norwegian time

17:30-17:40 (10:30-10:40)
Opening by ambassador Ms. Inga M. W. Nyhamar and head of Innovation Norway Japan, Mr. Per Arve Frøyen

17:40-18:00 (10:40-11:00)
Keynote by Ms. Naoko Ogawa (Keidanren)

18:00-18:10 (11:00-11:10)
Commentary by Mr. Einar Holthe (Natural State/Fuglen)

18:10-18:20 (11:10-11:20)
Discussants – Mr. Niklas Karvonen (Nordic Innovation House Tokyo) and Mr. Svend Haakon Kristensen (Laerdal Medical/Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan)

18:20-18:45 (11:20-11:45)

18:45-18:55 (11:45-11:55)

18:55-19:00 (11:55-12:00)
Closing remarks/wrap-up

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Norway’s ambassador to Japan since 2019. She joined the Foreign Service in 1991 and has mainly worked with security politics and bilateral affairs. Before Tokyo, she served as Director for East Asia and Oceania in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo. Her previous postings include Paris, Tokyo, Washington D.C. and Prague.

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Director of Innovation Norway Japan and Chairman of the Nordic Innovation House Tokyo. His job is to help develop high potential Norwegian companies. Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world with lots of opportunities for Norwegian companies. Please reach out if you think this could be an interesting market for your company.

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Deputy Director of Industrial Technology Bureau of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). Since 2016 in charge of promotion of science & technology, innovation & digital economy. With Keidanren since 1994 working on int’l trade & investment, climate change, urban development, Great East Japan Earthquake recovery, and promotion of gender diversity.

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Founder and CEO of Natural State and Fuglen. Entrepreneur and business developer, realizing ideas as economical sustainable structures for different markets. He has extensive experience in working with Japanese and Nordic market cultures and have established over 20 companies in both regions.

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Community Director at Nordic Innovation House Tokyo, a pan-Nordic project to support Nordic startups, scaleups and growth companies to explore, enter and scale in Japan. He holds a double-degree in International Design Business Management and CEMS MIM from Finland and Japan.

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15 years’ experience working for Norwegian companies in Japan. Proven experience on helping Norwegian companies to success in Japan. President and Representative Director of Laerdal Medical Japan since September 2017, Chairperson of Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan since May 2019.

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