Research suggests that 11,5% of the Norwegian population use their personal time and own money on inventing new products and services. This research project mains to figure out whether these solutions are viable for the market.

Together with NORCE (The Norwegian Research Centre) and the City of Stavanger, Nordic Edge has initiated a research project to find and bring ‘homemade inventions’ to the market.

The project aim is to strengthen innovation in households, the privat and public sector.

Who are these innovators?

According to statistics there are 30.000 inventors living in the county of Rogaland alone. These inventors create products and solutions that might be of interest to a wider audience.

The first phase of the project sets out to identify DIY innovators interested in joining this study.

  • Project owner:
  • Project Manager at Nordic Edge:
    Karina Lavik
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Project aims:

  • Strengthen innovation in private households, the private sector and public sector.
  • Develop a methodology for connecting DIY inventors with private companies to drive business development and solve challenges for municipalities.