Gnist invites the business community to co-create solutions to specific challenges in cities and rural districts.

Based on the National Roadmap for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities and the UN’s Sustainability Goals, the Gnist-programme stimulates new thinking and innovation. The innovation programme combines co-creation, design methodology and new technology to contribute to:

  • Increased competence in site- and business development in district municipalities, based on individual advantages and needs
  • New collaborative constellations for more innovative, comprehensive and long-term solutions
  • Attractive, sustainable and adaptable communities people want to settle, work and live in
  • Scaling and export of innovative solutions

The programme consists of two parts:

  • First municipalities and counties are asked to contribute their challenges in a national competition. A jury selects three cases:
  • Through a structured process led by DOGA and Nordic Edge, local and national companies will be involved in developing solutions to the chosen challenges in cooperation with the municipality, the county municipality and the residents.

Gnist was launched at Nordic Edge Expo in September 2020. The call for projects in phase one is open until 30 October 2020. The challenges will be presented in a series of webinars starting on November 3. Companies interested in submitting proposals can must do this by 11 December.

The programme will run until December 2021. Full overview of the programme and how to get involved: