The leading smart cities in Norway established the national network “Smartbyene” in 2018. In less than two years the network has evolved from 6 to 14 cities.

The main goal of this network is to build smarter more sustainable communities, exchange knowledge and experience, as well as increase innovation.

Through different workgroups, the network meet to learn from each other, copy good solutions and avoid making the same mistakes. The purpose is also to make municipalities more accessible to the market. Through this network, businesses and suppliers can gain a better understanding of the municipalities’ needs, as well as create closer interaction between the public, private sector, academia and residents.

  • Project owner: KS – Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities
  • Secretariat: Nordic Edge, DOGA and Innovation Norway
  • Project Coordinator: Anita Iren Skjølingstad
  • Contact:

The National Smart City Roadmap

One of the greatest cooperative projects for Norwegian Smart Cities is the Roadmap for smart and sustainable cities and communities in Norway. This product was made in collaboration with DOGA, Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster and different public and private players from all over the country. The purpose was to create common ground, a guideline and a tool with a set of principles and goals for the municipalities and organisations to follow. In the beginning of 2020, the roadmap is being implemented and operationalised across the country.

Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster is a neutral part in the network who has a central role together with the head organisation KS, Innovation Norway and DOGA to coordinate and facilitate the network with thematic workgroups, steering committee, projects and events.

Project Goals

  • Create closer interaction between the public, private sector, academia and residents.
  • Achieve UN Sustainability Goals
  • Creating smarter and more sustainable cities and communities
  • Do it together
  • Reduce risk
  • Copy good solutions and avoid bad ones
  • Increase implementation capacity