Stavanger Kommune is conducting its first test of agile piloting – also known as quick testing, with a little support from Nordic Edge.

The urban development model, Agile Piloting is a concept the City of Stavanger proudly has copied from Finland. Agile Piloting was first introduced by Finnish Research and Innovation Centre Forum Virium.

  • Project owner: City of Stavanger
  • Contact person: Gunnar Crawford
  • E-mail:

Flexible procurement

Agile Piloting is a flexible way to develop and test new urban services and increase co-operation between the public sector and the start-up community. It circumvents lengthy procurement processes, by allowing the city to work together with the private sector to test solutions over a six month periode.

Forum Virium has successfully run more than 21 agile pilots in Finland.


The first test ground in Stavanger is the urban park of Lervig. The aim is to convert the 17.000 square metre open space to an inclusive area for residents.

Five start-ups have been selected to test their solutions in the park, which will also host a new elementary school and fire station.

Nordic Edge has collaborated with the city in connecting potential start-ups to the project.