The founders behind the DIGme Learning have received funding from Innovation Norway to help commercialise their product. After presenting their innovation at the KnowHow EdTech conference in September, another incubator company has also made contact to find out more about the startup’s potential.

DIGme Learning has invented a digital cube to help children read more easily – through playing. The cube mobilises more activity and movement from the child than for example a PC or a book does. Research has proven that this makes it easier to learn how to read, simply because it activates more of the child’s senses.

One step closer to launch

Innovation Norway is owned by the Norwegian Government and promotes innovation and helps Norwegian businesses grow and find new markets. Innovation Norway has awarded DIGme Learning NOK 650 000 to commercialise their cube and CX-4-concept. CX-4 stands for Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking.

– We are so pleased Innovaton Norway believes in us. This funding takes us one step closer to launching our product. Of course, we still need investors, so we hope the support from Innovation Norway will help prove our potential to others as well, says Milla Heigre, one of the founders of DIGme Learning.

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