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BLOXHUB Debates: Democratic Digitalization?

Digitalization has made access to information, power and influence more democratic than ever. But has democratic society and the rules, laws and norms that define the balance between public and private, citizen and politician responded to this digital advancement? The COVID pandemic has  true test of how democratic our current digital society is.

From contact tracing, to supporting local business, to leveraging massive smart city data sets, our digital society gives us the tools to fight this pandemic and bounce back stronger than before.   But who’s responsibility is it to ensure these digital tools truly strengthen our democracy rather than undermine it?  What is the role of in-person interaction and actual places where these digital issues collide such as the neighborhoods where we support our local businesses, the streets that we use or don’t use to commute to work, or the location where we come into contact with a person with COVID-19? These are the questions and perspectives the panel will discuss.

Moderator: Jeff Risom, Chief Innovation Officer, GEHL

Heidi Boye, Too good to go

Marius Sylvestersen, Copenhagen Solutions Lab, City of Copenhagen

Nanna Skovgaard, Sundhedsministeriet

Kåre Løvgren, IDA

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As Chief Innovation Officer, Jeff is passionate about the relationship between human experience and design and works to apply people-first design principals to communal ecosystems, such as streets, public space, food systems, and energy. Working at the intersection of urban governance, business and culture, Jeff delivers projects that are economically viable and socially equitable, as well as sustainable in terms of using energy, land and time. With degrees in Architectural Engineering from the US and City Design and Social Science from London School of Economics, Jeff’s multi-disciplinary background has shaped his cross-cutting holistic approach to all projects. 

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Heidi Boye is Country Manager for Too Good To Go in Denmark where she passionately fights food waste on a daily basis. 
Heidi holds a PhD in consumer behavior and has over 15 years of experience in driving and developing commercial businesses.

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As head of Copenhagen Solutions Lab Marius is leading digital transformation in the city of Copenhagen. He has been working with the development and positioning of Denmark as a leading provider of smart city and sustainable solutions since the country hosted the UN Climate Change Conference in 2009.

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Mrs. Nanna Skovgaard is Head of Division in the Danish Ministry of Health, Department of Structural Health, Division of Data, Infrastructure and Cyber Security. 

Mrs. Skovgaard received a Master’s degree in Political Science and she has been dedicated to policy development and change management ever since.

Before joining the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Skovgaard worked at the Ministry of Finance. Mrs. Skovgaard’s main focus is implementation, benefit realization and steering mechanisms in health management. On behalf of the Danish Ministry of Health, Mrs. Skovgaard has been a key player in developing the Danish Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022 and in driving the nationwide implementation of new technologies, digital solutions and enhanced use of health data.  

Related to COVID-19, Mrs. Skovgaard has headed the work on the Danish COVID-19 app Smittestop as well as the digital flow underlying the Danish national testing strategy, that ensures secure, quick and free testing and digital access to test results for all Danes.

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Kåre Løvgren holds a M.Sc. in Enginnering with a focus on signal processing and audio. He started as a software developer but then moved into management. Today, Kåre works as Program Manager for 3Shape, a medical device company.

Kåre is a member and technical spokesman for The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) on areas including IT, data ethics and cyber security and has been Chairman for The Technical Society for IT for six years. He also gives input to hearings, e.g. for the regulation of the National Genome Center.

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